Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Greyhound Pastel Painting on Velour - WIP#2

So this is now looking like an underpainting of the dogs coat. Not sure how I feel about the way the velour is taking the pastel at the moment. I think it works really well when using pencil but I'll wait and see how it goes as I move on to adding more layers of pastel.

Tried to decide what colours to use in the background but a little stumped with that. The person who owns the dog loves purples, but not sure if I can work that into the background or not. So that quandary will have to wait for next week (although I will mull it over until then).

This looks so much better in the photo than in real life, which is so weird. (And the photo was taken under fluorescent lights at night so even that quality is not the best.)


Robyn said...

This looks fantastic and the eyes are amazing!
good luck with the background.

Robyn said...

the eyes are so much like Pepe's eyes!