Monday, September 07, 2009

Greyhound Pastel Painting on Velour - WIP#1

After some success drawing Amy the Greyhound with pencil, today I decided to start painting her in pastel. I am using Hahnemuhle Velour paper for the first time with this. Quite a few animal pastel painters use velour paper for their animals and I wanted to see how it works for myself.

Most of the artists recommended drawing the outline of the animal on paper first and then transferring it to the velour. I wanted to get started on this today so I didn't do that - I just drew the outline directly onto the velour with very light pressure. (I may live to regret this - we'll see!)

Once again, I started with the eyes first. The velour really grabs onto the pastel. It was really interesting to feel the way it almost absorbs the pastel.

I moved onto the nose and then started mapping out the colours that I see in her black coat. (To me black is never all black on an animal especially where the light touches.) Amy has a similar colour coat to that of the Australian Cattle Dog I painted earlier, so some of the colours I see in her coat are green, mauve and blue.

Tomorrow night, I will continue to block in the colours of her coat and will start putting some colour into the background as well.

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