Saturday, July 04, 2009

Birthday cake two

So, for K.'s birthday party with her pre-school friends I made another birthday cake, this time a butterfly. So here 'tis...

The girls all had a fun time I think. They had a fairy scavenger hunt, they decorated fairy wands, there was a fairy pass the parcel, a butterfly pinata and finally the cake and feast of cupcakes, chocolate crackles, fairy bread, cocktail frankfurts and fruit kebabs.

For dinner we will be having cake and feast of cupcakes, chocolate crackles, no fairy bread (it dried out), cocktail frankfurts and fruit cubes (I'm too tired to bother skewering them again).

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MadeByBruce said...

i think its a shame that the obvious guest to a fairy party was not invited, but at least there was fairy bread - even if glutton free ;-)