Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday cake

So I have turned my creative talents *g* to making a birthday cake again this year. However, it won't just be one cake, I have to make 3.

Here's the first one:

Not perfect, but K. was very happy and that was the main thing. She helped me make the icing!

We had a family afternoon tea today, and as K. is allergic to egg I had to make the cake. Why make just an ordinary cake, why not a number 5? It was certainly a lot easier than the castle cake I made last year.

Later this week I have to make cakes to take to pre-school - those will be cup cakes, and then next Saturday is "the" birthday party - a fairy party - with 7 other little girls coming along to join Katie to celebrate. For that I am going to attempt to make a butterfly cake. Fingers crossed that one works out.

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