Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kitten update 9

A quiet kitten day today as I was out all day, so didn't spend much time with them. This afternoon after picking up K. from pre-school we went straight out to see them and they were all very happy to see us (even if it is just because we usually turn up with food), happy to be patted and played with for a while. Honey vies for attention just as much as some of the kittens.

Raindrop playing with K. K came up with the name for this kitten and she thought of Flipper for the other twin. So we'll see how that sits.

Oscar was very photogenic today

Tonight, Honey ventured up the back steps for the first time. She was quite interested with inside the house so we let her in for a look-see. She had a wander around the whole house, visiting every room. She was very calm, even having a lie down in the lounge room for a pat. When she went back out again, she lay down in front of the door so I couldn't go in without her again. But she wandered down to check on her kittens, and hopefully will settle down for the night. This bodes well for keeping her - but maybe she is just this serene because she is a new mum. She might become attack cat after she's weaned them :)

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