Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Kitten update 8

This morning I was lucky enough to find Honey eating a rat when I went to feed the cats. I suppose she was living wild for a while and just doing her thing, but Yuck!!!!

The kittens are as cute as ever. K. wants us to keep Lollipop now as well as Button and Oscar. She keeps trying to get me to change my mind about keeping Honey.

All the kittens are eating solid food now. When we take the food down to them they all come running now, except for Smudge (formerly Scaredy) who still holds back.

The kittens still enjoy curling up together. Here we have a tabby ball, the two black kittens curled up in their bed. They often separate like this.

They are all more playful now, with each other and with us.

The kittens are very taken with my sandshoes and jeans. One or other of Lollipop, the twins or Oscar is either sitting on my foot, playing with the laces, or climbing up my leg. I wear jeans everytime I go near them now for that very reason.

Climbing is definitely a favourite pass time now

The twins even made it onto the roof of their bed

A very cute Button in the small garden under our back steps. Those weeds get a workout for pouncing practice!

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