Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kitten update 5

With the bad weather we've been having we have had to move the cats out of the garden and under the house. I had already prepared a large box we had lying around and put it under the house. So, after a particularly heavy downpour soaked the kittens, we moved them into the box and dried them. Honey came when I called her over and settled quite happily into the box as well. They spent the night in there last night and seem quite happy to be warm and dry.

A friend has lent us some great wool blankets and lambswool to set them up and the cats are in heaven I think. I forgot to take the camera out with me this morning when the kittens were playing in and out of the box. Oscar and Scaredy were attacking each other through the opening of the box, one inside, one out. Very cute.
A few toys have also been popular.

I'm going to have to come up with a new name for Scaredy now. Seems that the move to the box has been good for him. And it looks like we might have 5 toms and one girl kitten (the all black one, Midnight). It is going to be so hard to choose which ones to keep!

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