Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kitten update 14

I think Honey is getting a little sick of all her kittens. Well, maybe not sick of them, but fed up with feeding...

This is five kittens (all the male ones) wanting a feed. They wouldn't let up, following her from one place to another in the room as she tried to get a break. Finally, they almost completely covered her as they fed. Can you work out which parts in the picture are Honey?

Oscar, the greediest kittens weighs about 900gm now. When the kittens are 1kg, they can go to be de-sexed, wormed and chipped ready for new homes. So only a week or two to go.

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Leonie Tillman said...

Oh, poor Honey! Maybe if she didn't put so much honey in the milkshake the kitties wouldn't be so keen. Mention that to her, would you.