Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kitten update 13

The cats are sleeping inside in the laundry at night now. Our laundry is in the middle of the house, so that means they get to play in the lounge room before being settled in at night and before breakfast in the morning. They are a lot of fun - and a lot of work. I definitely know I don't want to keep seven cats now!

The cats spend the day outside and every evening about 5, they come looking for food and to be let in. They sit curled up on the back verandah waiting for us to notice them. As you can see below, some of them find unique places to wait! This is Smudge - if I'd beena few minutes quicker with the camera, Oscar was in the pot next to Smudge.

As I type this, the cats are curled up on the verandah, wanting in, even though it is morning. I think they like being inside cats now.

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