Friday, April 10, 2009

Kitten update 10

We had to bring Honey and the kittens inside for a little while today, or else our backyard would have become a jungle. While the lawn was mowed, we had a little visit with the kittens.

Honey came in willingly, but the kittens didn't. One even peed on a friend's hand, who had come over to help out, as he picked the kitten up. Once inside, the kittens favourite place was under the couch, but good old Raindrop was out and exploring well before the rest, even having a play with us. Didn't get the chance to take pictures as we were so busy with the cats.

Honey, not used to using litter, started to get distressed after a while so we let her out and gathered up the kittens and returned them to mum. They were tired out after their adventure.

Here is another pictures, though... of Button

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