Friday, March 27, 2009

Kitten update 2

Mama cat is pretty settled now in our backyard. She was very affectionate this morning when I took her brekky out, so much so that she lay down in the garden next to me and fed her kittens allowing me and K. to pat her and the kittens for quite a while. When K. went inside, Mama cat got up and went and lay under the shrub leaving the kittens exploring near me.

When I went out again a bit later, she lay under the shrub and the kittens came exploring again. One little black kitten with white toes, even climbed up on the garden wall next to my foot - very adventurous.

This is Mama cat - still trying to come up with a name to call her. Honey is one thought so far.

Here is Mama cat feeding the kittens in the garden (the ball of kittens is bigger than she is!)

This is just after Mama cat got up and went back under the shrub. The kittens didn't know what to do with themselves

This is the kitten I have dubbed Scaredy cat. It stayed under the shrub for quite som time after all the other kittens had ventured out

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Robyn said...

You do call her mamma cat... why not call her Honey cat... I think she is pretty and looks like a Honey :c)
The kitties are cute too... they look so cheeky and crazy when they're at that age...
Tell Katie... hello :D