Saturday, March 21, 2009

Castle Hill Show 2009

We visited the Castle Hill Show today to find out whether my entry 'Awaiting Instructions' (the Cattle Dog painting) had any success.

It won a Highly Commended and even better it sold. The Castle Hill Art Show only awards First place, Highly Commended x2 and Commended x2, so I did really well. The other Highly Commended went to Colina Grant who is a much more experienced pastel artist than I am, so I'm quite chuffed.


Robyn said...

Your work is beautiful... keep it up and congrats!!!

Tatiana Myers said...

Love this painting! Pretty dog. Is he yours?

Elaine said...

Hi Tatiana, Thanks for your comment. He isn't my dog (wish he was!). I got the reference from the Wet Canvas reference image library. I couldn't resist painting him.