Monday, February 23, 2009

Egg-Free Pikelets - a different creative endeavour!

Tomorrow is Pancake Day, so K.'s pre-school are making pancakes. With her egg allergy she can't have them, nor assist in the preparation, so they asked me to provide her with an alternative. I didn't want to just send any old thing I wanted her to have pancakes - or at least pikelets.

I got out my old Commonsense Cookery Book and, using their recipe, substituted a mashed banana for the 1 egg the recipe required. They are a little browner because of the banana (look like they are wholemeal rather than white flour). Next time I think I'll try a different egg replacement to see if I can get closer to the original flavour of pikelets. Or maybe pureed apricot? or my oil/water/baking powder substitute with a dash of vanilla thrown in? When I was avoiding milk I used to use pineapple juice instead and they were really yummy!

By the way, in the photo I am not showing you the half of the batch that I slightly singed until I got the heat right! :)

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