Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cattle Dog - WIP#1

Back to art class tonight - YAH! Because I don't have any easy way to transport the Licorice Allsorts painting, which is on board, I decided to start the New Year afresh.
(Sorry about quality of pic. Took it in yellow light tonight so I could get back to posting work on my blog. Will take a better shot next time).

The sketch took me about 3/4 hour and I'm really pleased how it went. I didn't have to make too many corrections to my drawing. My sketching is speeding up without reduction in quality. Now I am working out what colours are in his/her multi-coloured coat. I actually know what I am going to do for the background for this one - a first!

I am using Art Spectrum white colourfix paper, 12"x16". So far I have used pastel pencils and Rembrandt soft pastels.

And I had to do the eyes first again!


Robyn said...

Well I love it!
He's wonderful and you are very talented :D
Robyn xx

Adriana Meiss said...

Hi Elaine,
This is looking good. He (or she) looks so gentle. I think that figuring the background from the beginning makes things easier. I'll come back to see how it's going. Take care, Adriana

Laubaine said...

thank you d have put my blog subscriptions, I have great difficulty to translate all your texts on your blog, there is a google translation tool to your blog ... publications are very interesting ... friendship of France ...

Elaine said...

Thanks Robyn and Adriana. Glad you visited!

Thanks Laubaine. I have added the translator to make reading my blog easier. I visit your blog regularly as I really enjoy seeing your photographs.