Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cattle Dog - WIP#1

Back to art class tonight - YAH! Because I don't have any easy way to transport the Licorice Allsorts painting, which is on board, I decided to start the New Year afresh.
(Sorry about quality of pic. Took it in yellow light tonight so I could get back to posting work on my blog. Will take a better shot next time).

The sketch took me about 3/4 hour and I'm really pleased how it went. I didn't have to make too many corrections to my drawing. My sketching is speeding up without reduction in quality. Now I am working out what colours are in his/her multi-coloured coat. I actually know what I am going to do for the background for this one - a first!

I am using Art Spectrum white colourfix paper, 12"x16". So far I have used pastel pencils and Rembrandt soft pastels.

And I had to do the eyes first again!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monet in Sydney

Today Katie and I headed into the city to see the Monet and the Impressionists exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. We picked up Grandma and caught the ferry from Greenwich into Circular Quay (a lovely way to start the day!) and made our way by bus to the Art Gallery. A brief lunch in the Domain and then into the Gallery.

Some would say taking a four year old to a gallery is a difficult undertaking. And it is true. I didn't get to see as much of the paintings as I would have liked, but at least I got to see them. The exhibit closes this weekend and if I didn't go with Katie then I wouldn't have made it there at all. I think in a year or so she would have been more interested, but at this stage she was more enthusiastic about the shop than the show. But she's not going to learn if I don't take her.

There were two paintings that really caught my eye:

"Camille Monet and a child in the artist's garden in Argenteuil" is beautiful. The colours of the garden were lovely. (There was a Renoir of a woman and child next to this, but I much preferred the Monet) Here is a link to a picture of this at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

"Vetheuil" 1878 - the light in this painting was wonderful. This is probably my favourite from the exhibition. The painting is owned by the National Gallery of Victoria, but this picture doesn't really do the painting justice.

There were also some Hiroshige paintings. I have always liked his work and would have loved to bring home some prints but there were very few of them to be found in the exhibition shop which was a pity.

Katie's favourite - "Rouen Cathedral facade and Tour d'Albane (morning effect) 1894. Why? because it looks like a castle, maybe an underwater castle where Ariel lives.

I love the road to the Art Gallery with its massive Moreton Bay Fig trees, I couldn't resist taking a few photos.

And took this shot from the ferry on the way home, feeling tired yet happy after a good day out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January hiatus

School holidays make free time a scarce commodity. And with high temperatures, indoor activities have to be thought of, taken part in and cleaned up after. So art takes a back seat for a short time. As I haven't posted anything for a while I thought I would post a couple of K.'s artworks.

This is a family of flowers - Daddy flower, Mummy, Girl, Boy, dog and granny flowers on a sunny day.

This is a pickle fish in a bag (Don't ask me where this comes from! She has a great imagination.)

You gotta love those whiteboards - provide amusement for hours!