Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing Day

We had a quiet day at home yesterday, eating leftovers and playing with Katie's new toys. I felt like drawing, so I got out the watercolour pencils to have a play. This is only the second time I've used them, but they are fun, and a lot cleaner than pastels. I found a photo in a magazine and did a study of a vase and bottle. I won't post it due to copyright issues, but it will hang up at home. I fell in love with the vase and as I know I won't spend the $770 to buy it I thought a picture of it would do! So I spent a very pleasant day indeed!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Licorice Allsorts WIP#1

Last night of art class tonight for the year. Don't go back until end of January 2009. Very sad! Went to the Christmas lunch for the arts and craft group that runs the class. Lots of nice people and yummy food.

Didn't know what to start on tonight as I finished the cat painting last week. So decided to try some licorice allsorts I photographed a month or so ago. Trying a new support - Richeson Gator Foam board: not sure I like it but I'll see how it goes.

This is only at stage 2 of 4, with quite a few layers of colour to go. I've decided to go the colourful route with this one. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. Still quite a bit of blending to do. Think of this as a first draft. (took the photo at class tonight, will take a better one in daylight, without shadow from my easel in the way!)

A4 size, white Richeson Gator Foam, Rembrandt soft pastels

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cat Painting - finished

I'll have another look at this in the daylight - and take a better photo but I am happy this is finished - and happy with how it has turned out. I'll have to try a few more animals!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My AS has let me know it's still around...

Things may slow down a bit for me for the next week or so (not that it is ever really fast!). My arthritis has decided to flare up - in preparation for Christmas I believe! - and my right knee has blown up, not literally of course but it may have been preferable! So I had the knee siphoned and a shot of something the doctor prescribed and now I have to keep my leg up for a few days to let meds take their course.

I haven't had a bad arthritis flare in over four years. You think you have something under control and then, no, you don't.

Anyway, life goes on and the swelling in my knee will go down. I can be thankful that it is only one joint affected when I know people whose whole body goes into flare.

I'll have to work out how I can set up to paint with my leg up on a chair - that could be good!

Cat Painting (Poddy) - WIP#2

Here is the latest version of Poddy-Pot-Pot. His fur is coming along nicely - really just some touch ups and he's done. Still not sure if I will leave him as is or paint in a background. Ah, backgrounds - looks like they are my bugbears.