Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still Life the colourful way - #2

So, the next stage of this online class was to draw two objects together following the four stage process of the class. Here are my four stages.

I'm really enjoying this class. The next part is to draw a round object following the same four-stages. And it is to be a set-up of our own. I haven't done studies like this before - it's a really interesting process. I have taken a photo of an orange on a tablecloth - I would love to do this from life rather than a photo but I just haven't the space to leave it set up. And there are two little hands that would love to get hold of my pastels at any time!

I would love to have a space in the house where I can leave my pastels set up all the time so I can just paint whenever I feel like it. At present, I have to use the dining table, which I can't leave covered in pastels, especially as Katie loves to use them too. So that will have to be on the top of my list of goals - a permanent work space!

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