Friday, November 28, 2008

First Cat Painting: Poddy-Pot-Pot (WIP#1)

I forgot to take a picture of the sketch of this after the last night of class, so this is two nights of work at class. I'm really happy with the way this is working.

The cat belongs to my neighbour who works for the Animal Welfare League. Poddy has only three legs, as do several other cats she owns. He is a beautiful animal. I get to go over and visit anytime I want and have a cat curl up on my lap (our 19 year old pussycat died a year or so ago and is sorely missed).

I sketched this in and then started on the eyes. I find with portraits I do the same thing. I scumbled on the midtones and then started adding the darks and then some lights. Still a lot more colour to add to this handsome ginger cat.

I think I am going to enjoy painting cats!

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