Monday, September 15, 2008

Warmer weather

We have just had a couple of days of wonderful warm weather. Here's hoping it spells the end of cold and flu season!!! It was 29 degrees C in our living room on Saturday, which was a bit warm for inside - so we switched on the air-con - to cool - for the first time this Spring. It is like Winter just switched off - had enough of that, time for heat!

Oh, geez! Just remembered - Spring means hayfever season... bring on Autumn (skip Summer it gets too hot and humid here!) Hey, you'd think it was some kind of cycle - duh!

Actually, bring on the warmer weather - lots of fun stuff to do this year with Katie. We have lots of excursions to go on - trains in to the city, museums to visit, seasides to wade in, ferries to ride on, wildlife parks and zoos to explore... and that's before we even leave the house. :)

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