Saturday, September 06, 2008

K.'s Little Oogabooga

Thought I'd share this with everyone who reads my blog.

I have been visiting Etsy lately, which is an online shop for everything handmade. I'm thinking about selling my handmade dishcloths on Etsy. On a recent visit I discovered My Little Oogabooga's shop. We thought the toys here were so cute that we ordered this one for K.

It is beautifully made and feels wonderfully soft. The patches are cute and the little sparkle in the eye is what sold us on this one.

K. hasn't been well over this winter so instead of saving it for Christmas we gave it to her as an un-birthday present. She fell in love with it straight away. It went to bed with her last night, came into our bed with her this morning and was tucked under her arm as we headed out to organise breakfast. And it hasn't been far from her all day today. I think she is going to be torn between cuddling her favourite puppy dog and cuddling her Oogabooga each night.

This shop is worth a visit and so is the rest of Etsy. There are some beautiful things in the shops and they are all over the world. I'll be hunting up gifts on Etsy from now on before I go shopping in the generic shopping malls.

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