Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nieces - WIP#3 & 4

Ongoing work on the portrait of my two nieces. (Quality of photos not the best - sorry!)



I want to place some colour around the girls but I have to decide what will work best. Because of the dark colour of the Canson paper, I am unsure what I will choose. I'll have to play with some pastels and see what looks good on the paper without taking away from the portraits.

Spider Orchid revisited

So, after scrapping the background on this painting as I was so unhappy with the way it was going, covering it in purple and then setting it aside, I decided to go back to it and rework the background. I was inspired by a painting I saw that had the background out of focus to emphasise the foreground objects in a way that I felt would work for this painting. Whether I can capture that same quality - well, I'll wait and see.

There are still some changes to be made, but I am much happier. (Probably anyone else looking at the comparison of the one I scrapped and this one will wonder how much difference there is, but it is there for me, and that is what is important.)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Warmer weather

We have just had a couple of days of wonderful warm weather. Here's hoping it spells the end of cold and flu season!!! It was 29 degrees C in our living room on Saturday, which was a bit warm for inside - so we switched on the air-con - to cool - for the first time this Spring. It is like Winter just switched off - had enough of that, time for heat!

Oh, geez! Just remembered - Spring means hayfever season... bring on Autumn (skip Summer it gets too hot and humid here!) Hey, you'd think it was some kind of cycle - duh!

Actually, bring on the warmer weather - lots of fun stuff to do this year with Katie. We have lots of excursions to go on - trains in to the city, museums to visit, seasides to wade in, ferries to ride on, wildlife parks and zoos to explore... and that's before we even leave the house. :)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Flowers in the Garden #3

Some beautiful new colours have appeared in the garden during the week...

Portrait of my nieces - WIP#1 & 2

I recently started a portrait of my nieces as a gift for my sister and brother in law. I have only been to two classes in about 5 weeks so that is all I have done so far. Tonight I completed some more of it but haven't had a chance to photograph it yet. Will do so and post soon.

WIP#1: This first photo was taken after sketching in the girls faces and starting to put a small amount of colour on their faces. I took the photo at class so the lighting is really bad.

WIP#2: More colour on the faces and roughing in their tops. Excuse the bad crop on this, photo was skewed so just cropped it to show work done so far.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

K.'s Little Oogabooga

Thought I'd share this with everyone who reads my blog.

I have been visiting Etsy lately, which is an online shop for everything handmade. I'm thinking about selling my handmade dishcloths on Etsy. On a recent visit I discovered My Little Oogabooga's shop. We thought the toys here were so cute that we ordered this one for K.

It is beautifully made and feels wonderfully soft. The patches are cute and the little sparkle in the eye is what sold us on this one.

K. hasn't been well over this winter so instead of saving it for Christmas we gave it to her as an un-birthday present. She fell in love with it straight away. It went to bed with her last night, came into our bed with her this morning and was tucked under her arm as we headed out to organise breakfast. And it hasn't been far from her all day today. I think she is going to be torn between cuddling her favourite puppy dog and cuddling her Oogabooga each night.

This shop is worth a visit and so is the rest of Etsy. There are some beautiful things in the shops and they are all over the world. I'll be hunting up gifts on Etsy from now on before I go shopping in the generic shopping malls.

Monday, September 01, 2008

First order for dishcloths

I've had my first request (outside of family) for some dishcloths. I gave a dishcloth to the mother of a friend as a small gift for her birthday. She is into colour (I gave her a yellow/orange/white variegated cloth) and natural things, so liked the idea of a pure cotton dishcloth.

She has been using it ever since and says it cleans tea stains off her cups better than anything she has used before (she has had to use bleach in the past). I think it is the pattern as much as the cotton that makes them such great cloths to use.

So I am knitting 2 red dishcloths for her. Woo hoo!

Flowers in the Garden...yes, more!

The Ranunculus are blooming wonderfully now and there are more Daffodils, Dutch Iris, Tulips and Anemones, Snow Bells and... the list goes on. At least there is something healthy in our household at the moment, even if it is just in the garden - we have been hit by colds one after the other.

First, the tulips, the first I have ever grown. There are three blooming now with more on the way.