Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spider Orchid - On hold for now

So, here are the last two pictures taken of the Spider Orchid painting - before and after.

Before - this is how it looked before I decided I didn't like the background at all anymore. With any other flower/foreground, the background might have worked, and it was looking good as a grassy,reedy background. As I layered on more pastel it was starting to look muddy to me as well, too overworked.

After - I looked at the flower and decided that I want it to stand out from the background, not fight with it so I decided to look at complementary colours and decided that blue/purple was what I wanted. I got as far as brushing off the excess dust from the old background and scumbling a layer of colour just to see what it looks like. But that's as far as it has gone. I'm going to keep looking at this one and thinking about what I really want from this painting. Working on the background as much as I did has taken away some of my enthusiasm for this painting, so I think I am better off leaving it for a time and revisiting it later.

(I have removed the photo of the painting after I made the changes as I am going to revisit it in the future and this was just the 'undercoat'. I don't want this unfinished painting on my blog. Stay tuned for a future update...)

As I said previously, my instructor was horrified. But I'm not. I just have to trust what I want out of a painting, not depend on another person's vision. What I want is to use light and shade, through colour tone to support the painting of the flower. Now I just have to make that happen.

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