Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Flowers in the garden

The other day I was asked by my neighbour if I was doing some gardening. My answer - "no, I am taking photos of my flowers." I love catching the new blooms, finding out what new colours have appeared. Bulbs are wonderful things - you never know for sure what you are going to get - especially when someone bought them for you as a present and helped to plant them.

The snow flakes have multiplied this year, which is great, but best of all, the ranunculus are starting to bloom and within the next few days I am going to have my first tulip!

This Ranunculus is not fully open yet.

This was the first Ranunculus to bloom this year.

Finally, an Anemone that is not purple!

Just in time for Daffodil Day!


Laubaine said...

beautiful flowers in your garden, well photographed

Elaine said...

Thank you.

The photographs on your blog are wonderful - I wish I could read French to learn more about them.

Laubaine said...

to translate what I read or what I want to write I use a tool lexilogos free translation ...

Robyn said...

Very pretty flowers!!