Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Everyone in our household has been sick, one after the other, over the last couple of weeks. How annoying is that! We are all on the mend, or mended, now.

No painting done, but much knitting completed. I think I have about 30 or 40 dishcloths completed now, so Christmas presents are well underway.

Actually, there was some painting done. I completely removed the background on my spider orchid painting. I realised that I had been working and working on it because my instructor said it was the way to go. I was unhappy with it, with the 'busyness' of it, but kept doing what was suggested. So I got out my trusty bristle brush and removed the background. (I saved all the pastel dust - I may be able to use it sometime in the future - and what a lot of dust it was.) That painting is going to go on hold for a while and I will come back to it sometime. I need to learn to trust my own feelings about my paintings. I wanted to paint the flower, not the weeds and grasses in the background.

Tonight, I returned to class after a 2 week break. My instructor was horrified that I had removed the background. But it was more her creative vision than mine. New painting started tonight. A portrait of my two nieces, to be a gift to their parents. So far, so good. The change to something new felt good too.

I'll post pics of the portrait's progress as I go along.

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