Sunday, July 06, 2008

Princess Party

There is more to being creative than just painting, sewing, craft - there are also birthday cakes! I had a lot of fun making K.'s birthday cake this year. I have never tried to make a fancy cake like this before, but it was so worth it.

This photo was taken as soon as I completed the cake, with the mess on the bench all around it! I had to take a picture straight away in case I dropped the cake or something.

I must admit that the most nerve-wracking part was cutting into the first whole cake to make the smaller circles for the layers. If I got it wrong it meant making another cake! After that it got easier.

And here it is all lit up ready for K. to blow out the candles...

If I was going to make one again I would do a couple of things differently, but the look on her face when she saw her birthday cake reduced any worries to nothing. Perfection is not so important really.

And, here is a princess' idea of a photo of herself in her party outfit!

And here are her glorious curls, which I thought I'd share:

The girls made tiaras at the table, glitter glue and stickers everywhere, they played pass-the-parcel, and had lovely party food, including cupcakes, fairy wand biscuits and sweeties, and of, course, birthday cake!

A fun party was had by all and it was deemed a great success by everyone, smallest baby to oldest granny! But best and most important of all, K. had a wonderful day!

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Leonie Tillman said...

Beautiful cake! Sorry I couldn't be there to enjoy the edible demolition.