Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No time for anything but...

... Princess parties. K. has just turned 4 and she is having a party this weekend with a few friends from pre-school. Her first real party. She chose to have a Disney Princess theme. I'm not going all-out and spending lots of money to buy Princess merchandise, but I am making good use of their web-site.

I have spent the last few nights cutting out princess' and creating paper and ribbon bunting to hang on the wall. (K. has been helping with glueing and sticker-ing!) I have made up the goodie bags and wrapped the pass-the-parcel.

The party is on Sunday. I still have much cooking to do on Saturday including a castle cake, which should be fun to make. On the day of the party the girls will be making tiaras and playing a couple of games within about 1.5 hour timeframe.

And then I will collapse in a heap! Then heave myself up and come up with fun stuff to do over the two weeks of school holidays.

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Bruce said...

make sure there are photos of the castle cake, I WANT TO HELP!!!
Happy Birthday Katie, Uncle Bruce didn't forget sweetheart he just doesn't know what day it is at the moment!