Sunday, July 20, 2008


...walking K. to pre-school.

I loved the colours of this leaf. Made me really feel that it was autumn.

I stepped over this leaf on the way into pre-school and had to stop and photograph it on the way back to the car.

Winter Garden

I really love winter gardens. I am not really a gardener at all, but I love that the bulbs in my garden have sprouted green leaves that are by now long and luscious, and in some cases have already flowered. Last year was the first year we planted bulbs...

The garden was full of colour. I hope this year it is just as colourful, but so far, other than one red and one pink anemone, they have all been purple...

This one is white, but still with the purple...

I can't wait for the ranunculi to flower. Hopefully there will be some more variety with those. The snowflakes are just starting to flower as has the muscari. There are irises, daffodils and scilla to come.

We have a narrow border next to our driveway. In that we planted jonquils, ixias, babiana, sparaxis, spring star and freesias. The jonquils have been beautiful so far.And I have planted some tulips this year to see if I can succeed with getting some to flower. They are growing really well, so fingers crossed.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Princess Party

There is more to being creative than just painting, sewing, craft - there are also birthday cakes! I had a lot of fun making K.'s birthday cake this year. I have never tried to make a fancy cake like this before, but it was so worth it.

This photo was taken as soon as I completed the cake, with the mess on the bench all around it! I had to take a picture straight away in case I dropped the cake or something.

I must admit that the most nerve-wracking part was cutting into the first whole cake to make the smaller circles for the layers. If I got it wrong it meant making another cake! After that it got easier.

And here it is all lit up ready for K. to blow out the candles...

If I was going to make one again I would do a couple of things differently, but the look on her face when she saw her birthday cake reduced any worries to nothing. Perfection is not so important really.

And, here is a princess' idea of a photo of herself in her party outfit!

And here are her glorious curls, which I thought I'd share:

The girls made tiaras at the table, glitter glue and stickers everywhere, they played pass-the-parcel, and had lovely party food, including cupcakes, fairy wand biscuits and sweeties, and of, course, birthday cake!

A fun party was had by all and it was deemed a great success by everyone, smallest baby to oldest granny! But best and most important of all, K. had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No time for anything but...

... Princess parties. K. has just turned 4 and she is having a party this weekend with a few friends from pre-school. Her first real party. She chose to have a Disney Princess theme. I'm not going all-out and spending lots of money to buy Princess merchandise, but I am making good use of their web-site.

I have spent the last few nights cutting out princess' and creating paper and ribbon bunting to hang on the wall. (K. has been helping with glueing and sticker-ing!) I have made up the goodie bags and wrapped the pass-the-parcel.

The party is on Sunday. I still have much cooking to do on Saturday including a castle cake, which should be fun to make. On the day of the party the girls will be making tiaras and playing a couple of games within about 1.5 hour timeframe.

And then I will collapse in a heap! Then heave myself up and come up with fun stuff to do over the two weeks of school holidays.