Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spider Orchid WIP - #2

Finally, I made it back to art class and worked a further two hours on the spider orchid. (Missing one week of class makes it feel like ages since I was last there). I don't feel there is much progress to show as I was working mostly on the background. Still more work on that as I am not happy with it so far. I really want to work more on the flower but as most of the work remaining on that is detail, it has to be left until last.

I know I have quite a bit more work in adding darks to the background. That may make quite a difference to how I view the background, and will add more depth to the image.

There is only one more class for me this term, so hopefully I will complete it, but not sure at this stage. Otherwise it won't be until next term that I get back to this. Maybe some time away from the painting and fresh eyes next term will make a difference?

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