Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baby Washcloth 100% organic cotton

I have just completed my first baby washcloth - of my own design. I ordered some organic 12ply cotton (Blue Sky Alpacas brand from The WoolShack) to try out and thought it was too soft and beautiful for ordinary washcloths. So here is the first one. I'm going to design some more and see how they go. I think I will also have to make a couple for me to use at home as they are so soft.

I think I will design a cloth with a duck, maybe a truck and one with just the word baby in handwriting style rather than block print. Anyway, I'll see how it goes.

Then I'm going to have a look at Etsy, which is an online marketplace for all things handmade, and see if I can sell some. I'm also going to make some for gifts for Christmas this year.

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