Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Knitting again

I really am in the mood to knit. I'd much rather be knitting whilst sitting watching TV than just sitting. And I even knitted today whilst watching and helping K. play a Rugrats PC game.

Here is the latest beanie: I used moss stitch for the band. Took a bit longer and I'm not sure if I like the effect in this thread but K. loves it and has claimed it as her own!

And I have finally made my first dishcloth. After reading and hearing about how useful they are and how much better than any other cloth you can use, of course I had to make some. I'm making enough to give to some of my relatives and friends so I can get feedback on what they are like to use and then I may make some to sell. I have found some organic cotton 12ply so I am going to make some with that. (Many thanks to The Wool Shack once again.)

The dishcloth knitted up in under a day, in fact probably just a few hours. Really easy and I like this pattern a lot. Found it on the web on a free dishcloth knitting patterns page. And it is great to just pick up and put down whenever you feel like knitting a few rows.

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