Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Busy Knitting!

I have been itching to knit for some reason. Maybe with the cooler weather coming on it has brought on the knitting bug. I usually try and knit K. a new beanie each year. As she can't wear wool due to her eczema, she has to wear cotton. I can never find cotton hats to buy so I make them. When she was tiny I used 4ply cotton, or crochet cotton, so the beanies were tiny and very cute.

This year I tried 8ply cotton and a pattern that would normally use 12ply wool for a woman's head. It worked perfectly.

Then I thought I would try and find some 12ply cotton so I could have a cotton hat for winter too. It is so much softer and less scratchy than wool, and I really don't like acrylic next to my skin. I found some on a really great website called The Wool Shack. It is located in Perth and the service and quality of goods is wonderful. I ordered the cotton on the Tuesday before Easter weekend and received it the following Tuesday - great turnaround!

Here are the results so far:
This was worked in Peaches and Cream Ombres, colour Raspberry Swirl. I followed the original pattern using a garter stitch band.

Next, I used the Peaches and Cream Teal 12ply cotton, but this time I worked the band in double moss stitch:

I am currently working on another using the Peaches and Cream Ombres, colour Lilac. The band will be in single moss stitch, which is a little more time consuming. But I can't complain. Each hat is only taking a few days to complete.

The Wool Shack also has links to sites that list dishcloth patterns using the 12ply cotton. I am going to work some for Christmas presents this year. I'll be placing more orders for cotton very soon.

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