Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blue Sun Orchid WIP

I have just started a new painting. I was unhappy with the Grand Canyon painting so I have put it away and will revisit it later on.

A friend of the family takes beautiful photos of wild orchids in Western Australia and was willing to let me use some of them as reference photos for paintings so I am going ahead with one that I fell in love with. It is of a Blue Sun Orchid. Some of the colours of these wild orchids are quite unbelievable. And they just grow in the wild, not in some hot house garden. I'll have to go over to WA and go hunting for these one day so I can see them for myself.

18" x24" on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper.

This photo was taken after I had completed about two hours work in my art class last Tuesday. Most of that time was spent getting the drawing right and then starting to block the colours in. I'm not happy with the background so will do some more work on that.

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