Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dishcloths #2,3 and 4

I am really enjoying knitting dishcloths. I can't believe how relaxing it is to just sit and knit. Having K. with a gastric bug also provided more time to knit as I was awake most of a night again with her, poor kid. I've been watching Prime Suspect whilst sitting up listening for K.: I am up to Prime Suspect 4 now, having worked my way through 1,2 and 3 in the last week. And knitting too!

Many thanks to the wonderful people who have contributed dishcloth patterns to the free websites such as Knitting Pattern Central to make it easier to just sit down and knit without having to hunt too hard for a pattern.

Dishcloth #2 - Moss rib I really like the effect the variegated Peaches & Creme Raspberry Swirl has made on this one.

Dishcloth #3 - "Baked with Love" designed by Rachel van Schie. This one used up almost a whole ball of Peaches & Creme Rose Pink. It looks nice but I probably wouldn't do one with this much work again.

Dishcloth #4 - King Charles BrocadeThis was worked in the Peaches & Creme Rose Pink again. I like this pattern a lot. Took me about 3 hours all up so quite quick.

I just need to weave in the ends and block them so they sit square and then I'll give them out to the family to try.

Must admit that the arthritis plays up a bit in one elbow when I sit knitting for too long. So I will have to spread the work out a bit instead of sitting and doing a cloth in one three hour session.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Knitting again

I really am in the mood to knit. I'd much rather be knitting whilst sitting watching TV than just sitting. And I even knitted today whilst watching and helping K. play a Rugrats PC game.

Here is the latest beanie: I used moss stitch for the band. Took a bit longer and I'm not sure if I like the effect in this thread but K. loves it and has claimed it as her own!

And I have finally made my first dishcloth. After reading and hearing about how useful they are and how much better than any other cloth you can use, of course I had to make some. I'm making enough to give to some of my relatives and friends so I can get feedback on what they are like to use and then I may make some to sell. I have found some organic cotton 12ply so I am going to make some with that. (Many thanks to The Wool Shack once again.)

The dishcloth knitted up in under a day, in fact probably just a few hours. Really easy and I like this pattern a lot. Found it on the web on a free dishcloth knitting patterns page. And it is great to just pick up and put down whenever you feel like knitting a few rows.

Blue Sun Orchid WIP - #2

Okay, so last night was my last art class for this term. Two weeks off and then back to class. So I won't get the chance to get anymore of this painting done between now and then as it means full-time mum for the next two weeks.

Still not happy with the background.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Blue Sun Orchid WIP

I have just started a new painting. I was unhappy with the Grand Canyon painting so I have put it away and will revisit it later on.

A friend of the family takes beautiful photos of wild orchids in Western Australia and was willing to let me use some of them as reference photos for paintings so I am going ahead with one that I fell in love with. It is of a Blue Sun Orchid. Some of the colours of these wild orchids are quite unbelievable. And they just grow in the wild, not in some hot house garden. I'll have to go over to WA and go hunting for these one day so I can see them for myself.

18" x24" on Art Spectrum Colourfix paper.

This photo was taken after I had completed about two hours work in my art class last Tuesday. Most of that time was spent getting the drawing right and then starting to block the colours in. I'm not happy with the background so will do some more work on that.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Busy Knitting!

I have been itching to knit for some reason. Maybe with the cooler weather coming on it has brought on the knitting bug. I usually try and knit K. a new beanie each year. As she can't wear wool due to her eczema, she has to wear cotton. I can never find cotton hats to buy so I make them. When she was tiny I used 4ply cotton, or crochet cotton, so the beanies were tiny and very cute.

This year I tried 8ply cotton and a pattern that would normally use 12ply wool for a woman's head. It worked perfectly.

Then I thought I would try and find some 12ply cotton so I could have a cotton hat for winter too. It is so much softer and less scratchy than wool, and I really don't like acrylic next to my skin. I found some on a really great website called The Wool Shack. It is located in Perth and the service and quality of goods is wonderful. I ordered the cotton on the Tuesday before Easter weekend and received it the following Tuesday - great turnaround!

Here are the results so far:
This was worked in Peaches and Cream Ombres, colour Raspberry Swirl. I followed the original pattern using a garter stitch band.

Next, I used the Peaches and Cream Teal 12ply cotton, but this time I worked the band in double moss stitch:

I am currently working on another using the Peaches and Cream Ombres, colour Lilac. The band will be in single moss stitch, which is a little more time consuming. But I can't complain. Each hat is only taking a few days to complete.

The Wool Shack also has links to sites that list dishcloth patterns using the 12ply cotton. I am going to work some for Christmas presents this year. I'll be placing more orders for cotton very soon.