Thursday, March 06, 2008

Grand Canyon WIP

I am currently working on a painting of the Grand Canyon. It is quite a bit more challenging than I thought it would be.

The photo is not the best shot. As some people at Wet Canvas pointed out, it is a little crooked. But it will give you an idea of where I am at with the painting as of last art class on Tuesday.
The reference is a photo I took when I went to the US for the first time in 1987. My father and stepmother took me and I had a great time. I was using an old Canon Demi camera, which took half-frame photos, so the photo can't be blown up as large as a normal 35mm photo, and the processing left something to be desired. I'm really glad to be able to make something of this photo.

The painting is 12"x9" on Art Spectrum Colourfix (light blue) using Rembrandts, Art Spectrum and other soft pastels.

Haven't completed the foreground yet. The trees are pretty much done as is the sky. Still have to correct some of the values in the canyon itself.


Darla said...

It's really nice! I have an idea regarding the size issue. Just crop it. Although I like the tree on the right, just imagine cropping the art so only the tree on the left shows, and the middle area...crop it so it's the old director's trick of putting your hands into a square and looking through and you will probably see what I mean. Sometimes things that are fine for a photo are better cropped for an artwork.

Elaine said...

Thanks Darla - a good idea. I'll have a play with the square and see how it looks.