Monday, February 11, 2008

Blacktown Show

Well, my paintings have been delivered to the art section of the show and will be judged on Wednesday or Thursday, with the show opening to the public on Friday. I'll pop down on Friday night briefly just to see if any of my paintings have done well.

The following five paintings and drawings have been entered in the show:
"Ross Maclean Gosby" - a portrait of my Dad
"Katie, 3 1/2 years" - portrait
"There's an Anemone in my Garden"
"Mt Fuji"
"Katie, 4 months" - portrait

I was going to enter some of them in the Castle Hill Show as well but decided against that as all paintings at that show must be sold, whereas Blacktown is willing to accept not-for-sale pieces. I will paint some pictures over the next year specifically for the other shows rather than portraits and paintings that I want to keep.

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