Friday, February 15, 2008

Blacktown Art Show

My portrait of my father has won first place in the portraits section of the Blacktown Show. The pencil portrait of Katie, aged 4 months received an encouragement award. So two out of five ain't bad!

The portrait of my dad is above (with another portrait between) the one I did of Katie.

The pencil sketch of Katie is at the top of the display, with my Mt Fuji pastel below. (Because it is a small show, they had included pastel landscapes with graphics. They are reviewing the categories for next year, thank goodness!)

Me with my winning portrait.


Darla said...

This is great! Congratulations!
Your father's portrait is very striking, the pose is very individual....and that's what a portrait is supposed to be.

Elaine said...

Thanks Darla. I appreciate the comment, even more so after seeing your wonderful pencil portraits.

Leonie Tillman said...

Wow. Go Girl. Congratulations! I love the portrait of your dad. It's a really happy portrait. I love the bold colour. It makes it very contemporary. Love it.