Monday, February 25, 2008

Self Portrait#1

Now this is what I call confronting. I have never drawn a self-portrait before. I have never sat and just looked at my face in such detail. It is not quite right - the drawing, not my face. I think the nose is a tad too long which has lengthened my already long face. But I'll just try again sometime and see how I goes. This is my serious face (or the face I pull when concentrating on trying to draw my own portrait!)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Portrait of Dad - Update

This is the final version of the painting I did of my dad after it has been framed. I wasn't well the day before I was due to take it to be framed and forgot to take a final photo before it went behind glass. I asked the framers if they could take a photo of it and they did along with the other two I took to be framed, but then somehow they lost the photo. So this is it.

Blacktown Art Show

My portrait of my father has won first place in the portraits section of the Blacktown Show. The pencil portrait of Katie, aged 4 months received an encouragement award. So two out of five ain't bad!

The portrait of my dad is above (with another portrait between) the one I did of Katie.

The pencil sketch of Katie is at the top of the display, with my Mt Fuji pastel below. (Because it is a small show, they had included pastel landscapes with graphics. They are reviewing the categories for next year, thank goodness!)

Me with my winning portrait.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blacktown Show

Well, my paintings have been delivered to the art section of the show and will be judged on Wednesday or Thursday, with the show opening to the public on Friday. I'll pop down on Friday night briefly just to see if any of my paintings have done well.

The following five paintings and drawings have been entered in the show:
"Ross Maclean Gosby" - a portrait of my Dad
"Katie, 3 1/2 years" - portrait
"There's an Anemone in my Garden"
"Mt Fuji"
"Katie, 4 months" - portrait

I was going to enter some of them in the Castle Hill Show as well but decided against that as all paintings at that show must be sold, whereas Blacktown is willing to accept not-for-sale pieces. I will paint some pictures over the next year specifically for the other shows rather than portraits and paintings that I want to keep.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Change of scenery

For any regulars I am trialling a new blog template. Comments welcome.

I was in need of a change. This one was simple. Others not so simple. So I am going with the simple... for now.

More for Scavenger Hunt #73

I am having fun sketching just with pen - without a net (no pencil) so to speak. Trying to focus on looking at what I am sketching more than the paper I am sketching on.

All of these were done with an Artline 0.2 micron on A4 cartridge paper.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Scavenger Hunt #73

Finally I am getting back to doing the WetCanvas scavenger hunts.

#1 a local landscape, A4, 0.2 Artline pen, 30 minutes.

This is the view out of one of my lounge room's east facing windows over the local suburb. I don't normally draw with pen, and I didn't use pencil first, so it was a challenge, but fun. A little busy and I have to get more practice drawing trees!