Sunday, December 16, 2007

Portrait of Dad

I decided for my step-mother's 70th birthday to attempt a portrait of my father, who passed away in 1996. I realised that I don't have many photos of my father so had to ask her if she had any photos. As I am also into genealogy she didn't think anything of this request. I showed her the work in progress on her birthday. After a few tears I got the feeling she was very happy with the gift.

I took this photo after completing about 5 hours work on the portrait. There is still some work to do but I am going to wait until I go back to class at the end of January to complete it so I have my instructors ready assistance and guidance handy.

The best thing is that it looks like my Dad. And that's what really counts.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

K. portrait - updated

Added some colour to the portrait and made some minor adjustments since I last posted this. It has since been framed and is hanging on the wall.

I'm pretty happy with this. I had some nice comments from the framer at The Art Scene in West Ryde. I realised when I was talking to her that I have only been using pastels for 5 months - I'm pleased with my progress, and I'm having too much fun with pastels to worry too much about how anyone else feels about my work, except for constructive comments that are always welcome.