Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Scavenger Hunt #57

I have discovered Wet Canvas, an online community of artists. And, in their Art from Life section, they have a scavenger Hunt, where a list of items (around 25 or so) is published every 9 days, and the artist is to make a sketch of each item, or group them together in a still life, but to only take maximum an hour for each sketch.

Below are my sketches for the scavenger hunt so far.

#1,2,3 - my pencil case, a stapler, scissors. Pencil on cartridge paper, 30 minutes.

#4 - a tin can, challenge to draw a pyramid. Pencil on cartridge paper, 45 minutes.

#5,6,7 - something to measure with, a powder used in cooking, a cake slice. Coloured pencil on cartridge paper, about 1 hour.

I can see room for improvement in each sketch, which is a great reason to keep doing this. It will help me to see what I need to do to improve my own work.

And now here is #8 - someone working, although I have stretched that a bit. It is a sketch of Katie doing her washing up. Pencil on cartridge paper, 25 mins. (It is pretty rough as I have not sketched many people before but thought I'd give it a go).

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