Thursday, May 10, 2007


So the latest drawing is a pot of geraniums. The photo is of the work after 2 two-hour classes. (Not the best photo - a bit dark). I'm not doing much more than just drawing at this stage. I will have to play with more techniques.

Pastels are great in that you can draw so much in such a short time. With pencil drawing, whilst I love it, it takes a long time to get as much down on paper compared to pastels. But then maybe I am a perfectionist when it comes to pencil drawing and with pastels I feel a lot freer, less need for that perfect placement of pencil on paper.

I have been looking at some other blogs and web sites that have pastels drawing/paintings. There are some great artists out there. Looking at those blogs lets me see what is possible. I'm going to have fun with those possibilities.

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Anonymous said...

have you done much experimentation with lighter colour paper? It really makes for a different technique and outcome when you are working from light as opposed from dark. Maybe worth a shot for something different? :-)