Thursday, May 10, 2007


So the latest drawing is a pot of geraniums. The photo is of the work after 2 two-hour classes. (Not the best photo - a bit dark). I'm not doing much more than just drawing at this stage. I will have to play with more techniques.

Pastels are great in that you can draw so much in such a short time. With pencil drawing, whilst I love it, it takes a long time to get as much down on paper compared to pastels. But then maybe I am a perfectionist when it comes to pencil drawing and with pastels I feel a lot freer, less need for that perfect placement of pencil on paper.

I have been looking at some other blogs and web sites that have pastels drawing/paintings. There are some great artists out there. Looking at those blogs lets me see what is possible. I'm going to have fun with those possibilities.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Whilst Katie was having quiet time on Wednesday, I couldn't resist drawing this peach, or at least trying to with pastels. So here is drawing #2.


This is my first pastel drawing. My teacher said it was done but I'm not so sure. But it is my first attempt at using the pastels and it was fun to do. Now onto something else...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Garden photos

We recently has some Murrayas (Orange Jessamine) removed from our garden as they were giving me the most horrendous sinus when they bloomed and we replaced them with some Australian natives. The new plants include a Waratah (it has two buds on it so I can't wait to see the flowers), Lilli Pillis, a pink bottle brush and a NSW Chrsitmas bush. We also added a couple of proteas and a NZ Christmas tree.

I took a couple of photos today of the flowers.

This is the NZ Christmas tree.

This is the bud on the protea.

I really have to look into turning that date stamp off on my camera.

Another drawing completed

Last night at art class I completed two drawings - one pencil and one pastel. I haven't had a chance to take a photo of the pastel one yet, but will do so and post soon.

I am really happy with this one. It is already in a frame so getting a photo without reflection was hard so I had to take this on an angle.

The picture is one of Katie when she was 4 months old. I loved the photo and decided I wanted a pencil drawing of it. This will have a special place on the wall.

13 Feb 08 - I have had the picture properly framed and before it went into the frame I took a better photo of this drawing: