Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pastels are fun

I am really enjoying drawing with pastels. I haven't worked with colours like this before, blending and adding and blending again. Tis much fun.

My last class for two week tonight and not sure if I will be able to get to the pastels again in that time as we will be pretty busy. I'll wait and see.

There is only one other person in my art class. Bob in a retired former newspaper compositor. He's a really lovely man from Scotland originally. We don't talk a lot while we are working but we've had some good chats during breaks. He has given me a set of oil pastels that he didn't want (it was a gift to him and he hates them!) so that I can try them as I am enjoying the pastels. Really nice of him. And we were chatting tonight about 'The Broons' and 'Oor Wullie', two comics from Scotland that I grew up on and he of course knows well too. (I used to read them in New Zealand when we went to visit family over there. My great-aunt was Scottish and she always had the latest issues on hand to read and re-read).

Bob has just moved from working with acrylics to oils and is adjusting to the differences in use between the two. It is interesting to see how it all comes together. I am still not sure if I want to move into painting or not. At this stage, drawing is fine with me.

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Anonymous said...

have you invested in some 'workable fixer'? apart from keeping things clean and allowing you to take things to and from class without covering the world with colour, you can 'fix' what you are happy with and the draw over the top, and rub out the new if you change your mind. best used outside though (and I'm told that cheap hairspray works well too but Im not sure if has the workable quality, i.e. if you can work over the top of it)