Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some success at the Art Show

Well, it wasn't my drawing. I also entered a photograph, in fact, a photo that I posted on this blog a while ago of Katie and Peter's cousin walking in Centennial Park. My photo received a Highly Commended award, so I am feeling pretty good about that. I almost didn't enter it. Go to the old blog entry to have a look at the picture.

I am not unhappy about the drawing, as it is my first one and so I am happy to have it framed and ready to go up on the wall. Just have to find a place for it now.

I'm onto drawing a new picture at art class, another still life but with different textures. And I am going to try using coloured pencils this time, so should be interesting. I may try aquarelles or pastels next, not sure which.

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Anonymous said...

if you want to try chalk pastels, or try them and like them, maybe don't invest too much in buying more as there are quite a few in my storage boxes which I can let you use next time I'm there to find them for you. They are too good to give to kids and too expensive to bring over here (probably made in Germany in any case!) so would be great if someone could enjoy them properly. On the other hand I am a huge fan of the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer aquarelle pencils, you can use them as coloured pencils or the wash over them with a wet brush for a water colour effect, or even drawing on wet paper can make some stunning effects.