Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Well, the drawing has been framed and handed in at the art show. Judging takes place on Thursday night and e can find out on Friday if we have had any success.

I saw some of the other paintings/drawings when I dropped my drawing off. There is some really great work. It will be interesting to go and have a look on Friday or Saturday night. As there is a whole fair going on at the same time we will probably go on Saturday about 4pm and take Katie on a pony ride and to see the side shows, etc and if she lasts might even stay for the fire splats! (see last blog entry).

I've almost finished the drawing I am doing of Katie. Once complete I'll post a photo of it here. Drawing a face is hard, especially a baby face with no wrinkles.

Last week I picked up a new eraser as suggested by Bruce. It is like putty and can be molded into any shape you need. Thank you so much B for the suggestion, it has already been useful. It is very handy having a friend who paints/draws/etc who can pass on helpful tips.

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Anonymous said...

yes there's nothing like the encouragement of one's friends...
"is it supposed to look like a cow?" as one dear friend of MANY years standing once asked of one of my female nude charcoals.