Sunday, February 11, 2007

Billy Crystal - 700 Sundays

Peter and I, and a friend, went to see 700 Sundays yesterday. Billy Crystal is brilliant. 
He was on stage for almost 3 hours, with only a short interval, and kept the audience
completely engrossed for the whole time. He tells stories about his family, the loss of his father at a young age and of his childhood enriched by jazz music and the musicians who made that music, including being taken to the pictures for the first time by Billie Holliday.

If anyone has the chance to see this show whilst he is in Australia, take it. It wasn't the cheapest show I have been to but it was so worth the money.

Afterwards, we came out of the show talking about families and our own families in particular. In telling us about his family, we could see our own eccentric relatives, favourite uncles, beloved aunts, loving parents and it didn't matter that his family was in New York, USA, and ours in suburban Sydney. We all have/had characters in our families that enriched our lives, told us stories, had odd character traits or tics that made us cringe or stare and nearly always there was a joker. Billy encapsulated them all in the moving story of his life. 

And he made us laugh too. Of course: isn't that a given?

We also had yum cha for lunch at the Marigold (cnr Hay and George Sts) before going to the theatre. Brilliant. Will go there again.

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Leonie Tillman said...

Billy sounded great. I didn't even know he was here.

I did yum cha the other day too. We were just up the road at East Ocean on Sussex just near Little Hay on the west side. Also great.

Haven't seen you in ages. Must catch up soon.

Have a nice easter