Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Drawing Class # 4

So, back to class with my new drawing.

Worked on the background to get the drapery right and some shading of the leaves and flowers. I must admit to finding it difficult to get my head around how to make draped material look like draped material, but I'm going to give it a go.

Instructor believes I will finish the piece next week. We'll see.

Today, I started another drawing. I have a photo of Katie that I have always loved from when she was 4 months old. I am drawing that. It will be a challenge but I would love to have a drawing of her on the wall. I'll see how I go with that.

The two hours flew by. Can't wait for next week.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Drawings - old and new

I have decided to post the incomplete drawings here, if only to then see and compare in a little while, the finished product.

The above is the one that now has crayon on it. I know they are only small marks but there is no way to get crayon out. I tried everything (I drew in crayon on another sheet of paper) and so has my drawing teacher. I had just got my head around the leaves and getting them to actually begin to look like leaves and I was feeling pretty chuffed.

This is the new drawing. A little harder to see as I haven't done much shading yet. But I am hoping it will turn out well.

We draw, and then we draw again

Well, three weeks into my drawing class and I was feeling reasonably happy with my drawing.

And then Katie struck.

I was showing my drawing to my mother the day after my last blog entry. I lay the paper on the couch as that was where the best light was shining. We had our backs to Katie who was over the other side of the room playing with her toys. I was telling Mum what I had been doing and what the teacher had been saying to me about the drawing when between us rushed Katie, her arm outstretched with an orange crayon in her hand. She managed to sweep two crayon marks onto the page before I caught her and pulled her away.

Katie was immediately put in the naughty corner (thanks Super Nanny!) in tears and I wasn't too far away from them either.

We worked through it, and Katie was sorry. In fact, later that afternoon she said "I'm sorry Mummy for hurting your drawing."

I have never felt so devastated. It was a weird experience. I was torn between comforting Katie and seeking comfort for me. I had spent 3 weeks, 6 hours in total, on that drawing. That was 6 hours of time that I was doing something just for me. And it felt like it was all gone in an instant. I know that is an overreaction. It is a drawing that I can do again and replace. I can move on, and have. In a couple of hours this week I have caught up on about 4 hours of that original work on a new piece. But it won't be my first drawing.

So, a new drawing is underway and I am due at my next class tomorrow night. So here's hoping I can get this done in time to enter it in the Art show.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Drawing Class

Had a good night at drawing class tonight. Feeling much happier with how the picture is looking.

The teacher has suggested that I finish the piece and enter it in the local art show.
I will have to have it finished by 5 March if I am going to do so. I think I will give it a go.

The drawing is a still life of a stainless steel kettle and a vase with fuchsias in it. Not something I would have chosen to draw but as it was set up by the teacher it is what I am doing. I promise to post it here once I am happy with it.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Billy Crystal - 700 Sundays

Peter and I, and a friend, went to see 700 Sundays yesterday. Billy Crystal is brilliant. 
He was on stage for almost 3 hours, with only a short interval, and kept the audience
completely engrossed for the whole time. He tells stories about his family, the loss of his father at a young age and of his childhood enriched by jazz music and the musicians who made that music, including being taken to the pictures for the first time by Billie Holliday.

If anyone has the chance to see this show whilst he is in Australia, take it. It wasn't the cheapest show I have been to but it was so worth the money.

Afterwards, we came out of the show talking about families and our own families in particular. In telling us about his family, we could see our own eccentric relatives, favourite uncles, beloved aunts, loving parents and it didn't matter that his family was in New York, USA, and ours in suburban Sydney. We all have/had characters in our families that enriched our lives, told us stories, had odd character traits or tics that made us cringe or stare and nearly always there was a joker. Billy encapsulated them all in the moving story of his life. 

And he made us laugh too. Of course: isn't that a given?

We also had yum cha for lunch at the Marigold (cnr Hay and George Sts) before going to the theatre. Brilliant. Will go there again.