Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Drawing again

I have started a drawing class again. Every Tuesday night there is a class run by the local Arts and Crafts group. The woman teaching is lovely, and very helpful.

I was the only person there tonight as Dawn believes no one realised that classes were back on again. Usually there are 4-5 people. Some people draw, some do watercolour and some oils or acrylics, so I am going to gain exposure to a lot of mediums and will be able to try them anytime.

Dawn believes I have some talent (yah!) and is really encouraging and helpful. Helpful is the best part. Her guidance tonight was great. I am drawing a still life that she set up and she is guiding me towards completing it in pencil. I'll post it here when it is complete.


Anonymous said...

It was a real boost to get out and do something just for me. So I can now be compeltely and utterly nice to myself for two hours each week. Woo hoo!

Words have power, enjoy the drawing :-)

Elaine said...

I don't think of selfish as a completely negative word. We all need to be selfish sometimes, if only for our own sanity. Sure, nice to myself is a nicer way to put it, but I am doing this for my self.