Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Catching up

I did find time to sit down with my story for the competition (due in at end of January) and have now decided that it is much too staid, not at all like my usual style of writing. So I am going to have to ditch it and start again. I was happy to get the story finished but now... I hate writing sometimes. I just want it to work and I can't get the story to work. I get readers to give me feedback but I still can't make it happen. There are amazing ups and downs with writing.
I look back at a previous entry about writing this story and I was feeling quite upbeat about it.
And now here is the down.

Something has changed since I had Katie. I seem to have lost my writing voice, that nasty little twist to the story that I liked so well. I mustn't be feeling the need to get the nasty out onto paper at the moment. Maybe all that talk about baby brain is true?

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