Monday, July 03, 2006

Last drawing class

Last night of drawing class for me. Have really enjoyed it and can see a definite improvement in my drawing. I would really like to continue so now will have to find another avenue to continue learning. We again drew the face of the person we drew on the first night of class so we could compare what we drew then with the hopefully improved version from tonight's lesson. I am more detail oriented, which also shows in my love of cross stitch and scrapbooking, so I need to include more of the emotional side in my drawing apparently, which the teacher said would come with practice and time.


photo a day 15til40 said...

there is a very popular book called 'drawing with the right side of the brain' which you might find useful. I havn't read it I must admit, I tend to do it naturally. Actually a dear friend ... currently living in Blacktown... once thought one of my female nudes WAS A COW! (not that I still remember something like that years later)

Elaine said...

Well, maybe she was a bit of a cow? The nude, not the friend ;)

And the book you mentioned is the one which our drawing teacher was following for our class lessons.

photo a day 15til40 said...

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. moo.

a lot of people have had success with adding emotion etc to their drawing by following the book's exercises, so maybe you will see a copy in a second hand book shop somewhere for a couple of dollars. I would also still recommend a life drawing class, it almost forces you to be less technical when the subject is alive. Of course, drawing needs to be fun at the moment, more than anything