Monday, May 22, 2006

Another story to be published!

Well, 'Pest Control' is being published in FlashSpec as well as 'The Hounds.'. I sent it off on Sunday afternoon, received a response within an hour and later that night, the proof. So 2 publications this year! Yay! I have already exceeded my goal for publications for this year. (A friend is getting on my back about setting that goal higher. I haven't been interested up until recently, as my time has been pretty much solely focussed on Katie, but I know I need to aim a little higher now. I have more time to devote to writing, but still not heaps.)

Drawing class tonight. We learnt about measuring. A very painstaking process, measuring all the dimensions of an object and drawing it using the measurements to get the dimensions right. Not something I would want to do too often.

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photo a day 15til40 said...

congratulations on the latest publication!